Book Title

Fad diets… No Thanks!

Language: Greek (coming soon in English as E-book)

Author: Yiannis Kerimis BSc, MSc, RDN (Clinical Dietitian), Efti Eleftheriou (FCCA)

Type: Nutrition Book / Healthy Cooking

Description: For many years we fill our bodies with chemicals, preservatives, saturated fats, sugar and high amounts of salt and suddenly we decide that we need to lose the excess weight.

This decision makes us seek a fad diet or a magic pill that will help us eliminate the pounds instantly. In our effort to be as strict with ourselves as possible, we feel oppression. This feeling usually leads us back to our old, bad eating habits. This book is more of a nutrition guide with many tips, diet plans and 140 delicious and healthy recipes.

Reading this book will make u realize that eating right is not something difficult to achieve!