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Yiannis Kerimis

Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist Yiannis Kerimis received his Bachelors degree (BSc) in Nutrition from Arizona State University (ASU) and then his Masters degree (MSc) in Dietetics from Florida State University (FSU).
During his stay in the U.S he completed his practicum in different areas in the health field such as hospitals, diabetic institutes, institutes for children with special needs etc and after completing all the necessary requirements set by the American Dietetic Association he received his R.D and became a Clinical Dietitian.

Upon his arrival to Cyprus, he established the “Weight and Metabolism Control Center by Yiannis Kerimis” offering menu planning and counseling for weight management and health related issues. At the same time he is a part-time lecturer at Intercollege Limassol.

Why choose us

We strongly believe that diet is inextricably linked to our health. This belief is what motivates us to create individualized plans for each patient/client in accordance to their needs and the state of their health. Our center has many years of experience, while Yiannis Kerimis remains constantly updated on the standards of the global clinical nutrition and dietetics industry, and we are thus able to offer support and assistance for any nutrition-related issue.



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